Friday, September 30, 2011

New Fly Stackers

Have you ever had those small plastic fly cups pop open in your pocket and litter it with bugs?... Or have you had a cup with a half dozen dry flies in it that became a ball of Velcro when you went to get one out?
Introducing our new hard plastic cups with screw on lids... Perfect for midges and micros, and holds a half dozen of your favorite dry flies.

Ask about how to get yours, either empty or full of flies... Empty they are selling for $0.59 or a Dozen at $5.99...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Shop

Our newly designed shop has everything to suit your fly fishing and fly tying needs and for that craft person, we Carry all types of yarn, stickers, stationary and more.

CONTATCT US to order

Lines and Leaders

Rio, Umpqua, and Froghair leaders and Tippets

And much more!

Contact us to order fresh mono, nylon and flouro lines and leaders.

Ross Reels

We have a full line up of Ross Reels and Ross Reels Worldwide products

CONTACT US to learn whitch rod will fit your needs!

Fly Tying Materials

Itroducing our full line of tying materials at top prices...

Large stock of Trouts Men tying materials.

Every color and size of thread.

Full line of Metz body materials

Tiemco fly tying hooks.

Hackle.... { photo coming soon}
Mail orders available now! click link below for contact Information.
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