Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gold Metal Nets

We are a proud affiliate of Gold Metal Nets.

Cj's is one of the only west slope fly shops to carry these Colorado opperated, hand crafted nets.

The quality is unmatched and the price is reasonable...

Superior construction of these nets include a laminated handle that allows the net to flex in a way that will protect it. Gold Metal Nets have developed their very own, one of a kind method of attaching the bag to the hoop, Using some wild and crazy loop that holds the clear rubber bag instead of the traditional methods used where a tight knot is used to attach the bag, causing the rubber to become week over time.

Gold Metal Nets Prides themselves in being "top notch" Proud to live in Colorado and supply anglers all over the state with a trout net that will last a lifetime.

Contact us to get yours!

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