Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fishing Report

UPDATED 8 31-12 @ 6am
*Uncompahgre River-
*Paco- Fishing isn't on fire this week but still good. Flows were knocked back down to 347 cfs on Tuesday and fished well on Wednesday morning!... Bottom dwelling cutty's are still present and rising every evening, take them by sight... Be careful not to pass up fish watching you!

*Down Town-
About the same. The river will run off color for most of the day today but should clear up and fish well tomorrow mid day if the rains hold off.
Fish are still pretty active . A golden stone or a hopper dropper will pull some fish... Work the edges and behind fallen tree branches.
Small midges will fish well all day if placed right, dry fly action is pretty hot at first light and around 4p.m. the fish really look up. A big caddis should do it.

Flies For The Uncompahgre River.
Bead head Pt's
Caddis larva (bright)
Copper johns in 18
Gold Stone's

Dry flies-
Goddard caddis (grey)
X caddis (amber)

Cahill's Soon!

Updated 8-23-12 @ 6:10 a.m.


Flows have dropped back down again this week but still up around 560 cfs.

The Canyon is fishing well, Water clarity is good/great. Sight fishing is tough with the flows down but wading is easy... Find the fish and you will prosper!
Small flies will take rainbows with a clean presentation and a larger one will always take a brown.
When the fishing gets tough, dead drift a small bugger or bunny leach on your nymph rig, if you find the bottom you will find a Brownie... It wont be long before the browns begin to really move in.

Blue wings pop in afternoon this time of year so be ready to fish emergers when the clouds come in!


Fish are as spooky as they have ever been down here. The river is mossy and the fishing is tough. pressure on these fish during a low water high temp year, have them hiding deep. Do do low temps at night the water quality is getting better for the fish. Still a bit too low for a drift boat and tough on a raft. A float trip will make for a long day. Lots of browns!

Hot Flies-
Canyon- Zebra midges, pt's, black mambas, small stones, BWO's, buggers and bunny leaches.
Lower- Yellow sally, hopper's, red copper john, & pork chops. Big Pink Mayflies

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