Fly Tying Materials

Store you hooks and beads in these nifty little cups. They have a screw on lid, are made of hard plastic and sell for $0.59 each or a dozen for $5.99.
Click the contact us tab at the top of the page and give us a call to get yours.
We also offer the fly stacker's full of flies.

We are constantly updating our fly tying selection.

New line of Unique hair.
Great for Tying all types of flies, from midge bodies, wing & shucks, to larger nymphs, dry flies and streamer patterns....
Available now in the colors above. Give Carl a call to get some Unique Hair or any other unique items.

Now stocking all Mustad Signature Series fly tying hooks.
Available in packs of 25, 50, and 100 count. 

We stock all the bird parts needed to create beautiful fishing flies
Always on the shelves.
large stock of Goose biots as well as all other Trouts Men tying materials.
Every color and size of thread, in stock and ready to twist on the hook.
Full line of Metz body materials. Including Chenille, Dubbing an hair.
Tiemco fly tying hooks.

Hackle.... { photo coming soon}

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